Drive growth with web personalization

Everything you need to personalize content, run experiments, and uncover insights, built with performance and developer experience at its core.

Customers report converting 20% more on average.

What you can do with Croct

Personalize with mastery

Show different versions of your website to different visitors in real time. Create engaging, personalized experiences without touching code.

Change your experience based on user interests

Turn users' browsing data, marketing campaign engagement, and blog post views into powerful personalized experiences.

Real results from our clients
+28%lead conversion rate
What we can do together

Years of experience in personalization

We could show off our amazing results, but the numbers speak for themselves.

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Free developer time per month

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More experiments

How it works

Deliver what visitors want

Personalize the path to conversion by dynamically tailoring your website content to meet users' needs, optimizing both the experience and conversion rates.
With Croct
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Why Croct is different

Unify your entire workflow

Croct is an all-in-one solution that replaces the multiple-solution setup and does all the work for you: it collects, processes, enriches, and makes your data actionable in real time.

Audience segmentation

Enrich users' profiles and segment your visitors based on interests, browsing behavior, location, and more.

Website personalization

Use real-time data to personalize the content of your website in minutes and preview it before publishing.

Content management

Create reusable sections and components to serve content to your website at scale, both on the client and server sides.

Bayesian AB testing

Run multiple tests without coding, needing an external tool to analyse experiment data, or worrying about performance.

Personalization analytics

Get detailed metrics from your experiences and AB tests in the same dashboard. It's easy to extract valuable insights and make decisions.

Get started today

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Beyond expectations

What our clients say

The most undeniable result you can see using Croct is the conversion increase (we reached values that, without this kind of tool, would be very hard to reach). But besides that, Croct and its team help you see your users' journey in a new, more detailed way, allowing you to provide them a better experience.

Profile photo of Paulla Polidori, who is the author of the testimonial.
Paulla PolidoriProduct Manager at Creditas
+18%Conversion rate
Why us?

A solution that delights both marketers & devs Icon of two hearts

We give developers the engine to build growth-optimized websites and marketers the steering they need to drive results.

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Real-time and really fast

We push the boundaries with lightning-fast APIs that deliver end-to-end latency under 90 milliseconds at P95.

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Composable architecture

Build your production-ready content API in minutes with reusable components and slots to serve content at scale.

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Server-side and client side

Choose between client-side or server-side (or both). Fine-tune your strategy and optimize your website.

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Simple implementation

We offer up-to-date, best-in-class documentation, so you don't need a senior developer to use our SDKs.

Croct for tech teams

First-class developer experience

Bring native personalization to your websites with optimal performance, high availability, and seamless integration with your favorite stack.

"Easy scheduling ahead"
"Your schedule, effortlessly organized."

Integrate this afternoon

Get started in minutes with SDKs designed for your stack. Powerful type system, client/server rendering, and fault tolerance — we've got you covered.

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