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All you need to deliver amazing customer experiences in one place.


Each person is unique and has a different context, so why show everyone the same content? Explore detailed user profiles and build browsing experiences that relate to each visitor.


A content management system to assist you with content updates without the need for any coding work daily.

AB Testing

Run multiple AB testing within different audiences simultaneously without depending on the developer and having the autonomy to change each content when needed.


Keep an eye on your results from granular and accurate dashboards and have insights from each personalized user experience.

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The most undeniable result you can see using Croct is the conversion increase (we reached values that, without this kind of tool, would be very hard to reach). But besides that, Croct and its team help you see your users’ journey in a new, more detailed way, allowing you to provide them a better experience.


Simplicity and ease. These are the main differentials we found when we chose Croct as a partner to help us customize and offer a differentiated experience throughout the trajectory of our customers!


Being a Croct partner means having agility and innovation in all processes. I can no longer think about UI/UX trends without remembering them. We've been partners for a long time, and I bring Croct with me everywhere I work. Their team is formed by thoughtful people who care for their client's success.