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The São Paulo State map is linked with a type of top bar and Rio de Janeiro State map with another one, representing what happened with the personalized ISZI e-commerce.

While some users were frustrated after seeing an offer that wouldn't fit their location context, ISZI's team realized they needed to personalize the e-commerce. Read on to see how we helped them increase the conversion rate by +39% and average revenue per user by +88%.

Grey image with Sem Parar logo to represent their success case about ROI and Remarketing.

Onsite remarking is an underrated strategy for optimizing paid advertising investments. See how Sem Parar increased in 13% the conversion rate of returning visitors by leveraging personalization.

Grey image with Brazil Journal logo to represent their success case about newsletter subscriptions.

An in-depth analysis on how personalization and progressive profiling applied to a subscription form helped Brazil Journal increase their subscribed email list by 93%.

Grey image with a newspaper and a breaking news

We are thrilled to announce our seed round, led by Astella Investimentos, to continue developing the personalization engine of the modern web. This seed round will help us scale the team and technology that will power the digital experiences of tomorrow.

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