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The CRO market has changed. The model of identifying optimization opportunities widely used a few years ago no longer makes sense. Technological advances have made the user journey more complex, so we wrote this post about what has become fundamental to consider when crafting optimization strategies. You may be missing some critical points without even realizing it!

a yellow window and a green window representing the personalization by interests applied to the Aegro Blog using Croct's technology.

Aegro's marketing team adopted a personalization strategy on its website to overcome the challenge of communicating to many agribusiness niches. In this blog post, we talk about how we helped this SaaS startup achieve a +28% increase in lead conversion rate.

A page with green content is connected to two pages: one yellow and one blue, the yellow one is represented by an emoji of a cat and the blue one of a dog that signify the personalization by interest that will guide each user to one page or another.

Besides providing unique experiences to users, a personalized website gives you flexibility and agility to not depend entirely on developers. With PMS, personalization is easy and intuitive. Read in this post how to use it to implement and manage dynamic content on your website.

Spotify player between icons of 4 listeners together and a graph next to the share button representing the CRO increase.

Since its creation in 2006 the Spotify team has been drawing growth strategies that brought them millions of users. Read on to check how we analyzed 8 CRO triggers used by this giant of audio streamings. It might help you drive conversions in your business too!

Croct logo surrounded by 4 figures each representing CMS, Personalization, AB Tests, and Analytics

Traditional CMS platforms have long made the job of marketers and IT professionals easier. However, consumer expectations for online experiences have changed in recent years, and static content is no longer enough to keep a website well optimized. Meet PMS, a solution to deliver advanced personalized experiences to your users.

A computer and a smartphone representing the different devices that a web page can be accessed and the React logo in front of a programming code representing a headless CMS for React apps.

Today, marketers need to test hypotheses and tailor communication for each audience. On the other hand, designers need a design system that ensures nobody will break their design. A headless CMS suits them well.

The São Paulo State map is linked with a type of top bar and Rio de Janeiro State map with another one, representing what happened with the personalized ISZI e-commerce.

While some users were frustrated after seeing an offer that wouldn't fit their location context, ISZI's team realized they needed to personalize the e-commerce. Read on to see how we helped them increase the conversion rate by +39% and average revenue per user by +88%.

First a graph representing the midnight policy with a moon representing the end of the cycle and, below, a graph representing the timeout policy with an arrow connecting the session interval representing the grace time.

Clustering user events to define when a session begins and ends can be challenging. In this post, you'll discover different session expiration policies to help you make decisions more assertively and easily. Read on to understand which expiration policy best meets your business' needs.

A woman surrounded by three interlocking devices.

Identity resolution can help you recognize your customers and create a coherent user journey among different channels and devices. Although the most common way is to use identifiers like email addresses, phone numbers, and internal IDs, there's a much more advanced way to connect and progressively enrich users' profiles.

A person's head with a target represents a brand's positioning. On one side of the head there is hypothesis A and, on the other side, hypothesis B, representing an AB test.

Product positioning refers to how your product differs from others. What problems does it solve? Why is it better than the competition? This post helps you understand how to work with positioning testing and how to validate your hypothesis.

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